The manipulator will be composed by a fixed base frame on which a lifting carriage will vertically slide. Attached to the carriage will be mounted an “L” shaped arm and to the edge of the arm will be installed a rotary table. Both the arm and the table will be able to spin on their axis thanks to the fifth-wheel on which they are mounted.


Pair of welding manipulators with opposed rotary tables composed of two base frames: a fixed one that moves the motorized rotary table and another one, that moves the free rotary table.


Roto-tilting positioner with controlled axes.



All manipulators are self-supporting and don’t need anchorage on the floor. All machines are predisposed to allow interface with other manipulators or other welding systems.

Rotary table manipulator with motorized inclination, an inverter allows modification to table rotation speed.

The manipulator consists in a fixed base frame and a rotary table. On the table is mounted a two-station-upper-frame on which the heads for mounting and moving the masks are placed. 

Composed of a base frame on which the rotary table is fixed, carrying two manipulators with workpiece table.



Special positioner from 50 to 100.000 kg.