Diesse was established in 1971 as a firm specialized in the planning and setting up of special equipment for foundries and welding. Then, with the aim of satisfying the market's need, they became specialized in the construction of automatic robotic islands, without setting aside the possibility of special projects not included in the original fields. They dispose of highly trained staff and foremost structures, which have enabled them to obtain the certificates needed, attesting the quality of equipment.

The experience of the technicians at Diesse allows the study and assessment of suitable solutions on the basis of every customer's needs and a relationship of mutual cooperation, leading to excellent results along with the guarantee of quality and a highly technologically advanced product.

Thanks to modern innovation they can vary equipment according to sizes and characteristics. Furthermore, they can modify and revise already existing equipment, updating it according to the present production needs.

The strength of our staff lies in the meticulous observance of all the best assembly and test methods with repeated control of all the operating cycles of the equipment on consignment. Hence a product which is characterized by qualitative standards of reliability, functionality and security, leading to the satisfaction of the customer.